Soapy Dicks


Penis Soap – Gag Gifts

Who would’ve thought being filthy would get your hands sooo clean.

Most dicks get bigger with a bit of rubbing… these ones slowly get smaller.

And best of all… they smell AMAZING.

This soap has a ballsy base to keep it stable… and not only that, it has a suction cup to fix it to the sink… (or wherever else you might be inclined to put it). Shiny surfaces, like glass, porcelain, plastic work best.

But remember – it’s for EXTERNAL use only.

Note: Unlike “some” companies, who steal ideas from others, we came across another small kiwi business making these and thought we just HAD to add them to our range. Sooo we contacted them and got them to make us some. Supporting local! These are handmade for us by the awesome Liana in Papamoa.

As these are completely handmade there may be slight variations in colour / texture & scent.

Please note: a common side effect of natural handmade goats milk soaps is frosting or sweat. Don’t worry though, this is completely normal and won’t affect your product. Just rub it in and boom it’s gone.


White, Sepia


Peppermint, Vanilla

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