Hidden Message Candle – Here’s Your Stupid Candle


Completely customisable handmade candles in a jar.

Say it with candles…

After approximately 1 hour the hidden message will appear.

This candle says:

These are made with 100% vegan soy, an organic cotton wick and contain all natural ingredients. They come in large 300mL jars, which will give an amazing 50hrs+ of burn time.

The wording may distort from its original placement once it’s been re-lit on multiple occasions.

This candle is completely handmade so there may be slight variations in colour / texture & scent.

Please note: a common side effect of using 100% natural soy, is frosting. Don’t worry though, this is completely natural and won’t affect your burn or fragrance. Also, if adding fragrance to the white candle, it may change it’s colour slightly away from pure white.

Please make sure your candle is placed on an inflammable surface, never left unsupervised and kept away from pets and children.

Current turnaround time for backordered products is approximately 2-3 weeks. But please let us know if you need your order urgently.


White, Honey, Almond, Charcoal, Pink, Green, Red


Unscented, Chocolate, Bite me, Cinnamon Stick, Coconut Oil, Just Vanilla, Love Potion, Peppermint, Pineapple, Narcissist, Roast Coffee, Bubblegum, Gingerbread

Font Colour

Black, Coloured

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