Cussware – refurbitch


Repurposed china style statements.

Welcome to our “cussware” range. These are unique, upcycled (not brand new), pieces of art.

They are each individually created and therefore no 2 pieces will ever be exactly the same.


Approx 15.5cm side plate with gold edging.

Care instructions: These are designed to be used for display purposes (…think wall art). However, they are made with food grade ink, which has been baked onto the plate, and sealed with an FDA approved sealant, so in theory they are usable but still fragile. Please be careful when using sharp utensils that you don’t scratch the surface. We recommend that you wash these very gently by hand, avoid soaking, scrubbing or using harsh chemicals.



No thanks, just the cussware, With a plate display stand, With a plate wall hook

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